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🌱 Celebrating Success: Decentralized Biochar Production for Sustainable Agriculture! 🌱

We are thrilled to share the remarkable achievement of the Decentralized Biochar Production for Sustainable Agriculture (DBPSAL) project by EcoKrishi Solutions in collaboration with Circonomy . 🌿

🌟 Project Overview:

Ecokrishi empowers tribal communities by converting cotton stalks—often discarded as waste—into valuable Biochar. This innovative process not only reduces waste but also enriches soil health, fostering sustainable agriculture and making a positive impact on the environment. 🌎

🌿 Biochar Production Process in the hashtag#KonTiki Kiln:

1. Biomass Collection: After cotton harvest, Ecokrishi collects leftover stalks from fields.

2. Drying and Cutting: The stalks undergo drying to reduce moisture content and are then cut into smaller pieces.

3. Biochar Production: The biomass is converted into Biochar using the KonTiki Kiln—a carbon-rich material that enhances soil fertility.

4. Soil Enrichment: Biochar is incorporated into soil, acting as a long-term carbon sink. It remains in the soil for hundreds of years, sequestering carbon effectively. 🌱

🌾 hashtag#KrishiAmrit: Nutrient-Enriched Biochar-Fertilizer:

Ecokrishi successfully produced Biochar and converted it into KrishiAmrit, a Biochar-fertilizer enriched with nutrients and beneficial microbial cultures. This powerful blend enhances soil productivity, supports plant growth, and contributes to sustainable farming practices. 🌿

🤝 Circonomy 's Support:

Circonomy played a pivotal role in supporting Ecokrishi throughout the project, ensuring its successful piloting completion in June 2023. Together, we're building resilience to climate-related disasters, decreasing wasted resources, and empowering local communities. 💪

📽 Watch the Journey:

Discover how EcoKrishi Solutions turns cotton stalks into Biochar in this inspiring video: [From Cotton Stalks to Carbon Gold]( Witness the magic of soil regeneration! 🌱

Let's celebrate this milestone and continue our commitment to sustainable agriculture. Please reach out with Suresh Patil and Agr Dnyaneshwar Pawar for more details🌿🌍 

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