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EcoKrishi for
Agriculture waste management

At EcoKrishi Solutions, we believe in a sustainable, organic future for the agriculture sector!


​​Key Initiatives

  1. Biochar Project: Turning Waste into Gold

    • Cotton Stalks to Biochar: We’ve cracked the code on converting cotton stalks into biochar. This carbon-rich material not only reduces waste but also enriches soil.

    • Organic Fertilizer: Our biochar becomes a potent organic fertilizer, enhancing soil health and crop yields.

  2. Biostimulants: Nature’s Boosters

    • Chicken Slaughterhouse Waste: From an unlikely source—chicken slaughterhouse waste—we extract biostimulants. These natural compounds supercharge soil fertility and plant growth.

    • Fruit Market Leftovers: Even fruit market leftovers have a role! We transform them into powerful biostimulants that nourish crops.

​Problem & Solution

Chemical fertilizers, agriculture waste

The problem

Chemical fertilizers, agriculture waste burning, slaughterhouse waste, and fruit processing industries are causing soil degradation, water pollution, environmental harm, and health risks. This urgent problem requires effective solutions.

The solution

EcoKrishi employs innovative technology to transform various waste sources, including agriculture waste, slaughterhouse waste, and food processing waste, into valuable and eco-friendly agricultural inputs. Our proprietary process yields low-cost, organic agri inputs, contributing to sustainable farming and a greener agriculture.



We provide Organic agri inputs like organic fertilizers, Soil Amendments and bio-pesticides, which help boost crop yield and reduce the need for chemical inputs. Our mission is to enable farmers to reduce their costs while improving their yields and becoming more sustainable. Additionally, we are offering carbon credit and renewable energy solutions to reduce our customers' environmental impact.

Organic Agri Inputs

"Organic, Carbon neutral, cost-effective Protectant and Biostimulant"

Renewable energy Solutions 

"Biochar and Biochar based fertilizers"

Waste to Wealth Solutions

"Soil Amendments from Farm waste and Poultry waste"

Our Farmers Say

I am thrilled to share the remarkable success I've achieved using Ecokrishi's Suvarnakanika. With just half an acre of land, I obtained an astounding yield of 1100 crates production from my tomato crop. The product's influence on flowering, fruit size, quality, and shelf life is truly outstanding. I wholeheartedly recommend this product to fellow farmers seeking exceptional results.

Mr. Ajinath Magar, Kannad, Chh. Sambhajinagar

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